Coming together

I got home yesterday. I’m still flat out exhausted, and I seem to be getting some mild chemo side effects (heartburn and reflux, mostly) but the troubles that sent me to the hospital have been under control for the past day, which is a good start. I’m on all new pain meds and hoping this regimen will work. I have to go get bloodwork at the oncologist’s tomorrow so if I happen to need any triage to get me through Christmas, they should be able to handle it.

Katie and I have spent the last day bonding and getting reacquainted, which has been amazing for me. Tyler got to go out all afternoon yesterday with friends for a much needed break. My mom spent most of the weekend here caring for K and baking Christmas goodies (petits fours as requested by my brothers). Tyler and I finally got the Christmas tree decorated and I’m almost done sewing Katie’s present. I made menu and put my mom in charge of Christmas breakfast & dinner. My siblings will start converging on our house on Christmas Day, half the grandparents will be here to open presents, and they’ll all be here for Christmas dinner. My sister and her daughter will be here the rest of the week and I’m super excited about having them here. Tyler’s gift appeared in the mail and there are a few stocking stuffers to open. It’s all coming together – we should have a pretty good Christmas.

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  1. Yay! Your pain is dulled!!! That is the best news!
    Say hi to your sibs and mom, I love all you guys even thought we aren’t close and I don’t say it very often.
    Have a happy hospital free holiday, and try not to overdo ok, Kiss your mama for me.
    Auntie Karen


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